Köhler's crown © Köhlers Krone


Köhler's crown

Drei-Kreuz-Straße 3, 89584 Ehingen-Dächingen

Biosphärenwanderung © Stadt Ehingen

This traditional 3-star superior hotel welcomes you to the Swabian Alb with a restaurant, a beer garden and its own bakery with biosphere store. The country inn is already managed in the 4th generation. Swabian cuisine awaits you in the restaurant, where you can also watch the master chef at work. In addition, celebrations and meetings are possible. At Köhlers Krone you will find cozy rooms and apartments. Regional products from the Swabian Alb biosphere region as well as homemade bread and cakes are available in the bakery.


  • Herbstwanderung Besinnungsweg

    2023-10-02 from 13:00

    Köhlers Krone Ehingen

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