Brauhaus and BierKulturHotel Schwanen

Schwanengasse 18-20, 89584 Ehingen


The family-run Bier-Kultur Hotel Schwanen is a highlight of the "beer culture town" Ehingen, which is animated by no less than five historic private breweries. Belonging to the hotel is the Brauhaus Schwanen, which has existed since 1697, where you will be spoiled with home-brewed beers, Swabian cuisine and home-distilled distillates. It is an ideal starting point for cycling and hiking tours to the nearby biosphere reserve "Swabian Alb" as well as to the numerous castles, monasteries and museums in the area. In the hotel's cozy beer garden, you can calmly make plans for the next few days over a Schwanenwirt's Zwickel beer.

Interesting locations

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